Achievement Preview Spotlight: Forza Horizon

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
While new releases may have just hit stores yesterday (or the day-after-tomorrow if you're not in North America... or Timecop), it's not too early to look ahead to next week's releases and profile one of them for our prestigious Achievement Preview Spotlight. This week, we're looking ahead to the next edition of Microsoft's iconic racing game, Forza Horizon.

As with most racing games, the achievements in Forza Horizon are pretty straightforward: winning races, collecting cars, and goin' fast... Ricky Bobby style. With that in mind, this week's spotlight is going to take a look at the best achievement names for the upcoming title.

#WINNING! in Forza Horizon
#WINNING!19 (15)
Win 10 Festival Races.

Nice, right? Personally, this makes me want to rustle up some Tiger Blood and insult Chuck Lorre. On a serious note, winning ten festival races shouldn't be too taxing of a pop.

The next achievement is another one that should be relatively easy to racing fans, but is getting some points for originality.

A Wristed Development in Forza Horizon
Receive the Yellow Wristband.

I'm going to give some props to the team at Playground Games for not doing the easy thing and going for a Livestrong title here. While it is an amazing cause, and would have been a nice touch, one only has to remember the best advice ever given on network television, "There's always money in the banana stand!"

The word play continues with the next achievement.

Win Diesel in Forza Horizon
Win Diesel53 (30)
Win all Street Races.

This achievement gets my first ever "obj's Yuk-Yuk" Award for being one that produces the bad joke laughs while also creating a general feeling of disgust. Less disgusting should be the challenge this represents. Winning all of the street races should be a nice, but accomplishable, challenge for racing game connoisseurs.

I'm pretty sure the following achievement/meme has circled the globe many times, jumped a 3D summer blockbuster movie's worth of sharks, and somehow made its way back.

All Your Race Are Belong to Us in Forza Horizon
Win every Festival Race, Street Race, Showcase, and Star Showdown.

So, if this meme is older than many pairs of socks that I own, why is it being featured?

I'm glad you asked, fellow gamer. The first reason is for the general education factor to remind people that "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" comes from the 1991 European Sega Mega Drive version Zero Wing, which was badly translated from the original Japanese version.

The second reason is a quick literary plug for Harold Goldberg's great book which borrows the title/meme and chronicles fifty years of video game history.

The more you know. You're welcome.

This actual achievement, however, is no joke. Winning all of those races is sure to take up a decent chunk of time.

The last achievement has pretty good odds of being the Moby Dick to your Ahab.

Darius Who? in Forza Horizon
Darius Who?156 (100)
Become the champion of the Horizon Festival.

The base score for this bad boy is a tasty 100G and will surely provide a nice boost to your score if you can nail it down. Other potential whales to keep an eye on in Forza Horizon are: Golden Boy, Gettin' It Done, and Notorious, all of which currently have nice pre-release ratios and look to stay that way for a decent amount of time.

Forza Horizon is set for an October 23rd release in North America and a European release on October 26th.

If there's an upcoming game that you'd like to see featured in the Achievement Preview Spotlight, be sure to let us know in the comments!
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