The State Of TA Part 1

Opinion - Cee Jay, 10 years ago
As a treat/punishment it’s been decided that once a month the admin team should release a "The State of TA" a monthly round up of events and improvements to site interspersed with humor, stats and generally a fun round up of what’s been going on.

It was “decided” that I should do the first, unfortunately I have a really poor memory and am apparently only funny to look at, so I’m sure this month’s will be shite and uninformative, but moving on.

I’ll start with the recent madness, this week we were the subject of a news item on and in the short time it took TA to get pissed registrations increased 20% (or 120% according to Aerodynamo ), the website slowed, the scanners cried and registration had to be suspended. Not a good start for all our new members as it took 48 hours for some to be scanned for the first time, for this the admin team takes full responsibility, we were caught unaware, hopefully steps have been taken to ensure we are never caught with our pants down again (Sorry Otis but we didn’t think your Nudist Colony idea was practical).

Personally I think the new homepage is splendid and I would like to thank the newshounds who have been doing an excellent job and I look forward to reading regular articles as well once Request for help part 2 is up and running.

Due to his tireless efforts and fantastic contribution Seraphim Needed was made an Administrator (when do you sleep SN?), his dream has reached new levels apparently? So congrats SN and consider this the official news post about you becoming an admin.

A quick mention to a minor milestone, as we have now passed half a billion True Achievement points tracked, all the more important because it was only noticed due to a great idea from yours truly smile

Post of the month belongs to for his For the love of all things holy and unholy, dont change sigs an excellent example for us all on how to rant. I’m hoping to get some more smileys added to the site soon as I feel the current ones just aren’t enough to express my feelings when I read one of IP’s posts [CrazyManSmiley].

Other honourable mentions go to my triple-posting "Arse biscuits" muttering thread, a great example for all on how not to post and any post by YesConsiderably which it seems is guaranteed to get a debate going wink

TA starts his new job on Monday so good luck to him with that, but it’s probably going to mean less site improvements till he figures out how to successfully skive*, but when his wife leaves him because he spends all his free time here loads will get done so it’s not all bad news! We admin really need to get playing some games anyway since the appointment of SN with his huge True Achievement score has shown us all up redface so expect less site progress this month.

And remember it’s St Valentine’s Day today and what better way to show the love of your life how much they mean to you than a Official TA Mug……oh wait they aren’t available yet, oh well maybe next year TA’ers!

Thanks for reading,

Clever Jake

* Skive is British slang for the practice of avoiding responsibilities because you want to do something more fun.
Cee Jay
Written by Cee Jay
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