Adventurer Creatures Detailed

By Chewie, 6 years ago
The last we heard of The Farm 51's upcoming game, the tentatively titled, Adventurer, was back in July with some exotic location screenshots and a creature reveal.

Today we can bring you details and artwork of a few more of the enemies you'll be encountering on your 1930s-set adventure in which you play as a private detective on a quest to discover an artifact of untold power.

The Daru, also known as 'The Walkers' are ancient guardians who originated in the jungles of Latin America. The Mayans both feared and revered the Daru, often making sacrifices in their honour to secure peace. With the Mayans gone and the sacrifices stopped, nothing is keeping the Daru from wreaking havoc.

17/10/12 - Daru

The Conquistadors were Spanish explorers who set out to discover new lands and secure fame and fortune. Unfortunately the jungles of Central and Southern America proved too lethal for their European sensibilities and many died, only to be brought back to life now as slaves to the ancient powers that caused many of their deaths.

17/10/12 - Conquistadors

A variety of ancient Mummies will also feature, with a range of different abilities. Unfortunately the Mummies were just too icky for us to show you their artwork.

Speaking about the variety of enemies in the game, Lead Designer Kamil Bilczynski had the following to say:

We’re hard at work programming the AI so that players will always be met by enemies that react differently, to each situation. Call it a learning curve if you will. Project Adventurer is meant to appeal to a broader audience which in turn means, the game has to be accessible to different players with different playing styles.
Adventurer is due to set sail with a 2013 release. For more info on the game, check out our previous coverage here.
Written by Chewie
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