Forza Horizon Inspires Action on Toronto Streets

By Keith Gray, 6 years ago
We're edging ever closer to the much-anticipated release of racing simulator, Forza Horizon.

The new title inspired some members of the team at Xbox Canada to spend a couple of days last month tearing up the streets of Toronto. The team jumped into an Aston Martin Vantage and Mercedes SLS AMG to give the locals a taste of the Forza Horizon experience.

In addition, the official Forza Motorsport website has revealed details of the first DLC expansion for Forza Horizon. The “Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack” will have rally fans jumping for joy, as it will bring full-on rallying action to the Forza franchise for the very first time. Priced at 1600 MSP, or included at no additional cost as part of the previously revealed Season Pass, the "Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack" will drift into view on December 18th.

A full description of the DLC has also been provided:
Delivering an immersive and authentic rally racing experience on the roughest untamed roads of Colorado, the “Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack” will offer Horizon players an outstanding off-road racing experience with deeper ruts, higher jumps, and new surface types to explore. Players will experience authentic rally action behind the wheel of rally-tuned cars, complete with co-driver calls, and much more
Whilst we wait for more (promised) details on the first DLC, why not check out our recent Achievement Preview Spotlight to help plan your route towards completion.

Forza Horizon hits the open road on October 23rd and 26th in North America and Europe respectively.
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Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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