Just Dance 4 Goes Gangnam Style

By litepink, 6 years ago
If you haven’t heard of the YouTube sensation “Gangnam Style” by now, you’ve either been living under a rock or possibly in a remote jungle tribe that has no contact with the outside world. The video is approaching a half of a billion views, and is quickly climbing the charts on the top ten all-time most viewed videos on YouTube. Countless parodies and spin-offs have gained massive popularity as well.

In TA’s review for Ubisoft’s Just Dance 4, our reviewer pointed out that while it wasn’t the best dance game on Kinect, the fourth installment of the series was still “flat out fun”. Continuing with that theme, Ubisoft has listened to the requests of fans by announcing that Gagnam Style would be coming to Just Dance 4 in the form of downloadable content. “Our fans were really vocal about wanting Gangnam Style in Just Dance 4 and we listened. This marks the first of many hot upcoming DLC tracks for Just Dance 4,” said Geoffroy Sardin of Ubisoft.

The man behind it all, Korean artist PSY, is pleased with the pairing and excited to see the fun that will unfold. “Gangnam Style and Just Dance 4, I can’t wait to see all the YouTube videos.”

At this point I could throw in the photo that accompanied the press release for this, but why not just give you the real deal? Perhaps you’ll become the 500,000,000th viewer of the viral hit.

Look for Gangnam Style in November with more DLC to follow in the coming months and next year.