DLC Revealed for 007 Legends

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
Not content to treat you to only a few of 007's glorious escapades, the fine folks at Eurocom and Activision have today revealed plans to supplement the action of James Bond: 007 Legends with another DLC adventure.

As you might expect, the recently-released game will be getting a mission based on Bond's newest film Skyfall.

David Oxford, EVP/General Manager, Activision Publishing is understandably excited about expanding on the work that Eurocom did with 007 Legends.

The team at Eurocom has really outdone themselves this time with 007 Legends, delivering a very unique and comprehensive Bond video game we’re sure fans will enjoy playing. Fans not only get to experience these great, defining moments from Bond’s past that have made him the spy he is today, but they also get to become Daniel Craig’s modern-day Bond, and play through an all-new, contemporary story mission based on the upcoming SKYFALL film that comes out as DLC. This really is the most robust and unique Bond video game experience to date.
The "Skyfall" DLC mission for 007 Legends is currently set for a release that will coincide with the eponymous film's release on November 9th. We'll be sure to keep you informed if/when screenshots, videos, and pricing become available.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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