Extra-Life.org Gaming Marathon Starts Tomorrow

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
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Extra-Life is the largest gaming charity event of the year and it will be running worldwide starting tomorrow. Teams of gamers sign up, collect donations for the hospitals of their choice, and pledge to game for 24 hours. This year, Team TrueAchievements has raised (as of 1:00 PM EST on Friday) $1,881 for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

I can not speak for the rest of the team, but I (Jonathan Klotz), plan on running a 12 hour XCOM: Enemy Unknown Classic difficulty, Ironman marathon beginning at roughly 4:00 PM EST tomorrow. A running diary of the marathon will be kept and published Sunday night, once I've recovered mentally from what is sure to be a brain draining experience. The marathon will be in support of Shand's Hospital for Children in Gainesville, Florida, a charity I personally support every year through Child's Play.

Are you taking part in Extra-Life? Then share your donation link, your charity and any plans you have for the event in the comments!

If you aren't taking part in Extra-Life, then you can either sponsor one of the many members of the TA community taking part in the event, or just pass along the donation link through your social media outlet of choice. Bringing awareness to the cause is just as good as donations.

I'd like to thank the TA community for always being supportive of chairty events, and look forward to hearing from others taking part in Extra-Life 2012.