Throw A Perfect Game In MLB2k10, Win $1 Million!

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
Pitching a perfect game is considered to be the Holy Grail for MLB pitchers. Perfection is only achieved if they face the minimum possible 27 batters and not one of them reaches base. Any walk, any hit and hitting any batter ends the bid for perfection. Only 18 pitchers have ever thrown a perfect game in the MLB. This fact does not seem to deter Jason Argent, vice president of marketing for 2k Sports, whom states “You don’t see too many perfect games thrown in MLB 2K, but we’ve seen it happen. Our goal is to celebrate and highlight Major League Baseball 2K10’s superior pitching and hitting mechanics this season, while also giving one of our loyal fans the thrilling opportunity to be rewarded with a lot of money.”

Any aspiring Randy Johnson out there will have to adhere to a very strict list of rules in order to be eligible for the one million. The full rules are lengthy, but 2k Sports isn't taking this contest lightly. Make sure to read these over carefully if you plan on participating:

Entrants must make a video recording of their Perfect Game in accordance with the recording instructions below. To the extent an entrant completes a Perfect Game and submits an entry, a copy of that video must accompany their entry and will be reviewed by video game record keeping organization Twin Galaxies (CONFIRM TG PREFERRED DESCRIPTION) and Sponsor as part of the authentication process to validate submitted Perfect Games. Videos may be created using a device capturing the output of the console in use or a video camera, so long as the video captured is transferred to a single DVD in one of the formats outlined below and is of sufficient quality such that it meets the additional requirements below.


Video recording requirements:

* Recording must begin at least 5 seconds prior to turning on television and Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.
* Recording must show the full boot up sequence of the videogame console.
* Recording must show the user logged onto PSN/Xbox Live prior to commencement of Perfect Game attempt.
* Recording must be recorded with sufficient clarity and resolution such that all text displayed upon selecting “Perfect Game Mode” is clearly visible and legible in the recording, along with the button icon which appears during an ‘Accept or decline challenge’ prompt. Prior to attempting to complete and record a Perfect Game, eligible entrants should run a test recording to insure that the recording quality is sufficient. SUBMISSIONS ACCOMPANIED BY LOW QUALITY RECORDINGS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
* Recording must be completely uninterrupted for the entirety of the Perfect Game.
* Upon the completion of the Perfect Game, a verification code will be displayed on the screen. The video recording must be of sufficient resolution such that the entire screen is visible and the verification code is completely legible.
* The video recording submission must be transmitted to 2K on a DVD using one of the following file formats: AVI, MPG, MOV, MPG, MPG 2, MP4, WMV, FLV and must be capable of fitting in entirety on a single DVD. Entrants should make two copies, one for submission, and one for their personal records. Sponsor will only accept physical copies of the recording, and all submissions become property of Sponsor. Write your Verification Code, Name, and Gamertag/PSN ID in permanent marker on your submission disc.

Gameplay requirements:

* User must be online and logged onto Xbox Live/PSN during the Perfect Game attempt.
* User must play the game in the Perfect Game Mode under the MLB Today menu option and must use the pitcher set to start for entrant’s team that day under MLB Today menu (entrants cannot substitute a pitcher not scheduled to pitch on that day according to that day’s MLB Today roster).
* User may not pause or interrupt the game at any time during the entirety of the Perfect Game and may not engage in delaying tactics (for example, standing pitcher on the mound and not throwing a pitch or taking any game action for 60 consecutive seconds).
* User must throw a perfect game without making any pitching substitutions and must not make any mound visits with their manager during the course of the Perfect Game. Submitted games which include a mound visit shall be immediately disqualified.
* User must throw the Perfect Game using Total Control Pitching and Total Control Hitting control schemes. These control schemes will automatically be set to default when entering the MLB 2K10 Contest Mode. You may not pause the game and change them during the Perfect Game attempt.

Upon completion of a Perfect Game, immediately navigate to the Website ( and click on Submit an Entry 2K CONFIRM. Entrants must provide:

* Xbox LIVE Gamertag or PlayStation Network ID
* Verification Code
* Date of Birth
* Platform (Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3)
* Contact information (including physical mailing address at which the Perfect Game took place, and their home address to the extent it is different from the location of the Perfect Game)
* Phone number
* Full legal name
* E-mail address
* Once contact information and verification code have been submitted, print out 2 copies of the Submission Confirmation page. One should be kept for your own records; one will be mailed with your video recording.
* Within 48 hours of submission of your entry via the Website, entrants must send via overnight carrier a copy of the DVD containing the video recording and a copy of their Submission Confirmation page to INSERT ADDRESS. Entries must be received by 2K no more than 7 calendar days following the submission date and time stamp on entrant’s Submission Confirmation. The tracking information provided by your overnight carrier must confirm that the submission was sent within 48 hours of entrant’s submission on the Website.
You have from now until May 2nd to send in your submission. A winner will be announced at some point after June 1st.

For those of you brave enough to go for the million, if you decide to emulate David Wells' drunken perfect game from 1988, I suggest Jack Daniels' Tennessee Whiskey. toast
Credit for this story goes to Tasty Pastry