Alien Spidy Supporting Characters Concept Art

By Chewie, 6 years ago
In a recent development blog, Enigma Software's CEO, Daniel Parente, showed off some of the incy-wincy supporting characters in their upcoming XBLA title, Alien Spidy. The game is a platform adventure, featuring an alien spider on Earth, trying to rescue his explorer friend, Virgil.

Daniel had the following to say about the process of designing characters for the game:
Designing characters for a videogame is a very important element and, together with gameplay and environments, was one of our key factors in the overall success of the game. It’s one of the first things the player will evaluate and critique, so for a game creator with a sound respect for his fellow gamers, it’s a vital task that needs to be accomplished with the best intentions, talent and execution.
Warning: if you don't like creepy crawlies, especially super cute ones, look away now.

23/10/2012 - Ladybug

23/10/2012 - Mosquito

23/10/2012 - Plant

23/10/2012 - Flying Ladybug

23/10/2012 - Bat

23/10/2012 - Spitter

23/10/2012 - Firefly

23/10/2012 - Hedgehog

The game will also feature some otherworldly inhabitants, including the following specimens. As Daniel explains:
Initially, we only intended to have Earth creatures in the game, but then we thought it would be interesting to look at a similar concept as Men in Black and have some alien characters that have infiltrated Earth with a hidden plot to conquer the planet. So we started to play around with alien character designs that enhanced not only enhanced the already stunning visuals, but also the gameplay.
23/10/2012 - Sloth

23/10/2012 - Fish

Despite anticipating an October 19th release to XBLA, the game is yet to emerge from its cocoon, so file this one under TBC for now.

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