Halo: Reach Multiplayer Trailer

By The Splintercat, 8 years ago
Here is over 90 seconds of what we can expect from Halo: Reach!

Bungie has let us see a glimpse of what to expect from the multiplayer mode in Halo Reach. Amongst the usual carnage that makes multiplayer Halo so damn fun, is the inclusion of jetpacks, dodge rolls and most surprisingly of all stealth kill animations. Without a doubt these will look very cool and give you a satisfying sense of achievement if you get a whole cut-scene of decimating the person who just head shot you! The only concern for Halo fans will be if these will make you more vulnerable to being shot while the cut-scene is being played.

All Halo ODST players will be invited to play. The beta is set to launch on May 3rd.
Credit for this story goes to N0RVY