TA Competition: November Sweepstakes

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Did we just use the word 'festive' on November 1st? I'm afraid we did. But wait, put down that burning torch and those pitchforks! You'll like this, I promise! You see our very own Flyboy80498 is donning his red and whites and a beard to match as we bring a festive twist to our spontaneous monthly giveaways! I could go on, but I'll let the prize-master himself take to the floor and explain all!

The holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is at the end of the month, and Santa Claus will soon be making an appearance in our homes. I don’t know how much you know of me, but I've has struggled through some very difficult times through my life. I've has seen the ups and unfortunately the downs. There were very lean years, especially through the holiday season. So I understand what it is like to struggle.

So for the month of November (and December) the monthly contest will work a little differently. Usually the monthly contest is based on an answer to a question, with the hopes you get picked by a panel of judges. For the month of November I want you to nominate one person who you feel like deserves a little extra this holiday season. Since some things should be kept out of the public domain, this giveaway will require you to Private Message me, Flyboy80498, with the following information:

A) Who you are nominating
B) Why you are nominating them
C) Why they deserve something a little extra this holiday season
I'm a little disappointed by the lack of at least one 'ho-ho-ho!' but the idea is still sound! So if you know of a TA member who could use a little extra in their gaming stocking this Thanksgiving/Christmas, drop Flyboy80498 a line and make sure to stay on the nice list!

The chosen winners will be able to choose from either:

- 3 month's Xbox Live and a 12 month Pro Account; or
- 1600 MS points and a 12 month Pro Account

As always, T&Cs follow!

Terms and Conditions
- You may not nominate yourself or an alt account
- Entry is via a Private Message Flyboy80498
- Nominations included in the comments of this article will be disqualified and removed
- The winners will be announced, but the reasons may not for privacy
- The prizes are three Xbox related items awarded to three people
This contest is now closed.