Blur Release Date And Beta Confirmed

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Bizarre Creations have announced a release date for their forthcoming chaotic racer, Blur along with worldwide beta testing program.

Blur will see a general release in Europe on May 28th, with the US receiving their launch slightly earlier on May 25th. The beta test goes live "from March 8th onwards" globally.

The beta will feature:
- 14 cars in four different car classes (A through D). Some are nippy (Koenigsegg CCX-R), some are beautiful (Volkswagen Scirocco), some are tough (Land Rover Defender SVX), and some are just plain cool (Chevrolet Camaro 1969).

- 4 different race tracks: Barcelona Gracia, Tokyo Shutoko, Amboy, and Long Beach Docks. Each provides a totally different racing experience, from wide-open off-road races to tight, technical inner-city tracks. My personal favourite is the Docks - it's got alternate routes through shipping containers, and one particular crossover which is going to ruin a few bumpers...

- Twitter support. You can enter your Twitter credentials and share a Tweet or two DIRECTLY from the game. And it won't spam your account either - nothing is posted without your say-so. Just hit the left-bumper from anywhere in the menus to bring up the "Share" menu.

- And of course, 8 meaty power-ups. These really are what make Blur different to every other racer out there. They're so important that we've built a brand new section of our website to tell you about them. More details at the end of this post.
So how do you get your eager gaming paws involved in the beta test? You can head over to and access the “Blur Beta” sign up to request a key. Further gameplay information is available at

Some websites have been issued with beta access keys which will no doubt be cropping in competitions in the near future. For up to the second information try following