Max Payne 3 DLC Screens & Incoming Patch Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
The upcoming DLC pack for Rockstar Game's third person shooter, Max Payne 3, is set to be the game's "biggest pack yet". Following the style of the previously released "Local Justice Pack", the upcoming "Hostage Negotiation Pack" will include maps taken from locations of the campaign but with a few tweaks here and there to make them more suitable for the fast multiplayer action.

We've already had a good look at some of the screenshots for the DLC, but now Rockstar allow players to plan their attack, in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Payne Killer game modes, with some newly released screens which showcase the layouts and key areas for the four new maps.

Favela Heights

Hostage Negotiation Screens 25/10/12 - Screen 01

Nearly twice as large as Nova Esperança, the Favela Heights DLC map drops you into a setting packed with precarious, multi-leveled habitations, deadly thoroughfares, and strategically placed water towers to rank up those Assault and Sniper Rifle Loadouts. Scale rooftops to traverse the map via raised platforms that provide optimal sight lines of enemies sprinting the streets below and take advantage of the decrepit, yet strategic, canal to covertly find your way towards your next kill.
Estadio Do Galatians

Hostage Negotiation Screens 25/10/12 - Screen 2

It’s game day at the Galatians’ stadium. The action within the locker rooms, infirmaries, and luxury boxes is going to move quickly, so plan on equipping handy automatics. With an abundance of tight corners, and seemingly happy camping grounds, this DLC map is going to force you to pick up the pace and sprint through its deadly hallways in order to get that top spot on the leaderboard.
Club Moderno

Hostage Negotiation Screens 25/10/12 - Screen 3

Scene of Fabiana Branco’s violent kidnapping, the flashing lights and high-energy atmosphere of Club Moderno set the tone for epic firefights. The action will develop quickly on this multiplayer map so be sure to pack your close-quarter shotgun, and Assault Rifle Loadouts to combat those that want to spoil your suit. Keen club going assassins may particularly appreciate the Moderno’s exclusive, and tactical, VIP room and adjoining roof deck.
O Palacia Strip Club

Hostage Negotiation Screens 25/10/12 - Screen 4

Set in and around this unwelcoming skin joint located right in the heart of the favelas, the frantic pace of the battle that occurs within the close-quarters, and graffiti tagged walls will have you searching for high ground to regroup and recoup. Well suited for your go-to shotgun or dual SMG Loadouts and featuring multiple entrances and exits, the O Palácio Strip Club is one man’s killing field and another man’s deathtrap.
Before gamers bullet-dodge, roll, and sprint their way through most of these maps, a title update is available for download which addresses issues from multiplayer, arcade mode, and issues with weapons too. Here's the short list:

• General improvements to multiplayer, improving overall stability and matchmaking efficiency
• Added the option to copy one of your Loadouts into an empty custom slot
• Fixed an issue where wins and losses were reported incorrectly on leaderboards
• Fixed an issue where explosive kills were not working as intended in Arcade Mode
• Fixed an issue where newly created Crews and Emblems would not always appear in-game
• Fixed an issue where dual wielding the PT92 and .38 revolver and firing until the ammunition runs out could cause the weapons to jam
On a personal note, I really enjoyed playing all of Max Payne 3's modes from the story to the multiplayer, but I can't help but notice there's no mention of fixing the invisible man who sometimes haunts players during online matches! Of course, this could just be me and maybe I'm seeing things, maybe I'm not seeing anything, maybe... you get my point.

Unless you have already downloaded the detailed patch, you will be asked to the next time you fire up your copy of Max Payne 3.

The "Hostage Negotiation" DLC is all set for release on October 30th for a mere 800 MSP, and will be free to owners of a Rockstar Pass.
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