Max Payne 3 Triple XP Event Inbound

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
Players of Rockstar Game's third person shooter, Max Payne 3, will know all to well that chipping away at their training as they look to reach level 50 can be a tough slow grind. Thankfully, Rockstar have not been shy at all with XP events for Max Payne 3 and Halloween looks to be the next excuse for yet another triple XP event! Clear your schedule this weekend guys as the grim, deadly maps of Max Payne 3 is where all the action needs to be taking place.

On top of the triple XP event, Rockstar will be hosting a Social Club Multiplayer event, in which "MaxPayneDevs" will be exclusivley playing over Xbox LIVE, and Xbox players will have an easy chance at unlocking these gorgeous skulls for our in-game characters to wear:

Max Payne Triple XP

All players need to do in order to unlock the Demonic Skull and/or Day of the Dead Skull, is play one full game in the Social Club Multiplayer Event playlist, check their head items section of their multiplayer loadouts "after 4pm tomorrow", and the skulls will be all yours! Even though these new items don't feature any bonus abilities to use in battle, why not take off your gorilla mask, helmet, or balaclava, and join in on the halloween spirit with your newly acquired skull!

Players can enjoy triple XP all weekend long, with the fun and games kicking off tomorrow night at "4-7pm ET / 9pm-midnight BST", until an unspecified time on Monday morning.

Get in on the action and complete your training!
Credit for this story goes to JDawgg77
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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