New Resident Evil 5 DLC Available Now

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Capcom has announced today that the second major story DLC installment for was made available today. Titled, Desperate Escape, this package put Josh Stone and Jill Valentine together in an attempt, you guessed it, to escape a Tricell facility that Ms. Valentine was being held in.

Desperate Escape is also released along side with Costume Pack 2 which contains the “heavy metal” outfit for Chris Redfield and “business” attire for Sheva Alomar. After releasing the first costume package, it is beyond this writer as to why you would want to put more clothes on Sheva, when we all know the less you wear the more likely you are to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Finally, Costume Pack 2 also provides you with the final half of the eight potentially available characters for the Mercenaries Reunion. Rebecca Chambers and Josh Stone are thrown into the lineup with Chris and Sheva finally joining the fray.

One quick reminder: on March 9th the gold edition for Resident Evil 5 will be released setting you back $49.99. This edition will include the original game and a code to download all the currently available DLC for free, preventing you and your friends to pool their money together and save a few green ones.

Desperate Escape is going to cost you 400 MSP.
Costume Pack 2 is going to cost you 160 MSP.

Happy Hunting!

Allegedly the 5 achievements for this package are currently glitched and Capcom is working on a quick solution. We will update you as more information becomes available.