Eowyn and Mozgog Join Guardians of Middle-Earth

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
The character list for Monolith's upcoming XBLA Multiplayer Battle Arena game Guardians of Middle-earth continues to grow. So far we have met Gandalf, Gollum, Galadriel, Uglúk, Legolas, Witch-king, Hildifons, Sauron, Arathorn, Runsig, Nori, Wulfrun, Felgrom and Beregond. Today we meet two more characters.

Proud, courageous, and a skilled warrior in her own right, Éowyn is a true shieldmaiden of Rohan. Raised in the Golden Hall of Edoras and expected to dwell there rather than take part in battle, Éowyn cannot be restrained from defending her king, Thèoden, and the lands of the Mark that she loves. Eager to take part in the fight for Middle-earth rather than being left behind in Thèoden’s halls, Éowyn’s skill with a sword rivals any Rohirrim. Known to many as the White Lady of Rohan, she prefers to be known for her bravery and prowess in battle, which none can deny.

Gameplay Abilities:
Shieldmaiden: Shields self and nearby Allies
Great Renown: Heals Allies at the cost of own Health
Know My Fury: Roots nearby enemies
I Am No Man: Damages targets and stuns all Enemies

• Defender
28/10/12 Eowyn character art

Orc warriors like Mozgog are by definition those treacherous and brutal enough to claw their way into a position of power. Having killed many jealous Orcs to reach his standing in the armies of Mordor, Mozgog has no friends and many mortal enemies, making him as dangerous as a cornered animal. Forays into Gondor to harry the enemies of Sauron have earned him the loathing of the proud soldiers of the South, but many have fallen seeking revenge. Mozgog can stay in the fight long after others would have bled out, and every swing of Mozgog’s terrible sword may be the end of an enemy.

Gameplay Abilities:
Berserker Rage: Increases own Movement and Attack Speeds, Health
Vile Taunt: Taunts Enemies and reflects Damage
Brutal Draught: Trades Health for increased Damage
Bloodied Blade: Area attack with Damage and Fear

• Warrior
28/10/12 Mozgog character art

Have a look at the pair in action:

With over 20 characters for players to choose from in the game, this means that we will be introducing more guardians from middle-earth before the game releases in December. Although an exact release date is yet to be confirmed, the game is due to be released for the Playstation Network on December 4th, so expect a similar release date for the Xbox 360. The title will cost 1200 MSP.
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