The Pinball Arcade Plans for Table Pack 7

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
The last Table Pack to be released for the XBLA version of The Pinball Arcade was "Table Pack 3" that appeared on the Marketplace at the end of August. Since then we've had trailers and details for three more Table Packs, but these haven't materialised yet despite their release on other platforms. As a reminder, this is the line-up that we hope will eventually appear for XBLA players:

"Table Pack 4": Creatures from the Black Lagoon and Black Knight
"Table Pack 5": Harley Davidson Third Edition and Taxi
"Table Pack 6": Elvira and the Party Monsters and No Good Gofers

Farsight Studios are now focusing on "Table Pack 7". This pack will include the second Elvira table, Scared Stiff, and a table that celebrates its 40th birthday next year: Big Shot. Don't let the simplicity of this table put you off:

We will continue to hope for the best and bring you all of the latest DLC news as we find it!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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