Two Competitions Announced for Remember Me

By Keith Gray, 6 years ago
Capcom has announced two competitions that will give creative gamers the chance to have their creations remembered forever. The opportunities come courtesy of Remember Me.

The first competition requires entrants to create one advert design for a fictional brand, from a selection of consumer product types, to be used on billboards across the Neo-Paris 2084 in-game world of Remember Me. This competition is open until Monday, November 5th at 10am. Full entry details, term and conditions, as well as some design examples can be found on the game's official Facebook page.

Remember Me sees main protagonist, Nilin battling to regain her memories after they have been stolen for the purpose of being sold or traded by others. Memories are obviously a crucial element of the game and Capcom has taken particular inspiration from this aspect for the second competition, by asking individuals to "submit images of their most cherished memories along with a short description of why this moment was so important to them". A select few, chosen at random, will then be featured in the game's Memory Overload combat sequences (activated when Niln executes a special attack). The publisher has confirmed that entry submission is open until November 29th, but a full description of how to enter is yet to be provided on the official Facebook page.

Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, Remember Me was confirmed at Gamescom 2012. The new IP is scheduled for release in Spring 2013.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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