Beautifully Surreal Limbo

By splicegraph, 8 years ago
The independent game developer Playdead has announce today, that their platform puzzler Limbo will be released on XBLA in the near future.

Limbo, nominated at the 12th annual Independent Game Festival (IGF) for both Art and Technical Excellence, is a simple story about a boy who travels through a stark and surreal world in black and white searching for his lost sister. The word 'limbo' from the Latin 'limbus' meaning 'edge' or 'boundary', referring to the edge of hell and where this story takes place.

Ever since last years, I've been craving another mind bending platform puzzler and this looks like a possible contender. With the added bonus of some beautiful visuals.

It won't be hitting XBL Marketplace until sometime this summer, but if your lucky enough to attend the Game Developers Conference next week look for a playable demo at the Playdead booth in the IGF pavilion.

Limbo screens:

Check external link for teaser.