First Glimpse of Gameplay in Angry Birds Star Wars

By litepink,
There have been several promotional videos thus far for the forthcoming cross licensed Angry Birds Star Wars, but the gameplay had been shrouded in mystery, much like The Force.

Until now that is, as this very short promo with some chirping between 'Luke' and 'Leia' gets an even smaller dose of gameplay sprinkled in it, where we see lightsabers, AT-AT walkers, the desolate planets of Tatooine and Hoth, and everyone's favorite thing about the Star Wars Universe: laser eyes.

Angry Birds Star Wars is set to arrive on November 8th, but Rovio is pretty tight lipped about if this includes the planned Windows 8 and Windows Phone versions, as historically Rovio games have come to these platforms later than iOS or Android releases. Most likely we will have to wait on the release for our beloved achievement platforms. If you're hungry for some Angry Birds action now, you can check out the recently released Angry Birds Space.