Two Grand Theft Auto V Artwork Posters Revealed

By Keith Gray, 6 years ago
Only a couple of days ago, Rockstar unveiled the first piece of artwork, alongside the planned release window, for its latest, long-awaited sandbox iteration, Grand Theft Auto V.

Today, the developer/publisher has revealed a further two pieces of artwork for the title.

GTA V Poster 1

GTA V Poster 2

If you prefer to see media of the moving variety, then the following statement from a Rockstar spokesperson should get everyone's pulses racing.

We are working on a second trailer... Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy has derailed our plans somewhat but we will have something to show soon. It's hard to be precise as we have no power whatsoever in our New York office. We hope everyone else in affected areas is doing okay
Whilst you wait in anticipation of the second trailer, you may as well drool over the plethora of previous screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V. Scenery, leisure pursuits, business and pest control are all themes that have already been highlighted.

Grand Theft Auto V will arrive in Spring 2013.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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