MG Rising: Revengeance Trailers and Screens

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
After the assassination of the African Prime Minister, the quiet home-life of Raiden takes a chaotic turn as he must now face off against the military group known as Desperado Enforcement in his return in Konami's upcoming title Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Recently, some in-game footage has surfaced from the demo that will be included in the Zone of the Enders HD Collection.

Konami also announced that those in Europe will have a chance to grab one of the only 25,000 Limited Edition copies of the game that are going to be produced. The European Special Edition will feature a 30cm figurine of Raiden, a code for the white Raiden outfit for your character in-game which in turn will allow you to carry more health items. The Limited Edition will has a MSRP of ca. 99,95 Euros, and is only availabe from Zavvi.

MGSNovember 17

Below are images of the action figure gamers will be able to toy around with when they purchase the Limited Edition.

MGSNovember 9

MGSNovember 10

MGSNovember 11

MGSNovember 12

MGSNovember 13

MGSNovember 15

MGSNovember 16

Gamers that pre-order from GAME will receive a steelbook that features the character concept art of Raiden designed by Yoji Shinkawa and a DLC code for Raiden's Inferno Armour which will allow you to carry more throwing weapons.

MGSNovember 6

MGSNovember 7

MGSNovember 8

If you pre-order from other retail outlets, gamers will receive a render of Raiden and a DLC code for the Commando Armour which enables you to carry more projectile weapons.

MGSNovember 03

MGSNovember 4

MGSNovember 5

Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance will be available in North America on February 19th, 2013 and on February 21st in Europe. For all of our coverage head over to here.