2K Sports Reduces Server Functionality Again

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
2K Sports are one of the developers that have been hit by Hurricane Sandy. Their support team is running a skeleton crew while things get back up and running again, but that didn't prevent the publisher from posting a rather ambiguous message regarding server functionality for their titles. According to the post, as of November 1st, these are the games that would be functional online:

Major League Baseball 2K12
NBA 2K13

The post suggests that these two games are the only 2K Sports titles to retain online functionality, but I can confirm that this is not true. Matchmaking servers also remain open for these games:

College Hoops 2K8
Don King Presents: Prizefighter
The BIGS 2
All Top Spin games

Unfortunately, this does mean that the servers for NBA 2K12 have been closed with no prior warning, leaving several unobtainable achievements. These servers are not affected by Hurricane Sandy and will not come back online. This is a list of the affected achievements:

NBA 2K12A 2K to Call My OwnThe A 2K to Call My Own achievement in NBA 2K12 worth 29 pointsCreate a My2K Account.

NBA 2K12Not Your Father's AssociationThe Not Your Father's Association achievement in NBA 2K12 worth 51 pointsJoin an Online Association.

NBA 2K12Another Day, Another WinThe Another Day, Another Win achievement in NBA 2K12 worth 61 pointsWin 5 NBA Today matchups.

NBA 2K12Don't Hate the PlayerThe Don't Hate the Player achievement in NBA 2K12 worth 151 pointsWin the championship in an Online Association.

NBA 2K12This One CountsThe This One Counts achievement in NBA 2K12 worth 32 pointsWin one online ranked match.

NBA 2K12Back to Back to BackThe Back to Back to Back achievement in NBA 2K12 worth 48 pointsWin 3 ranked matches in a row.

NBA 2K12You're Officially HotThe You're Officially Hot achievement in NBA 2K12 worth 82 pointsWin 5 ranked matches in a row.

NBA 2K12LincolnThe Lincoln achievement in NBA 2K12 worth 45 pointsWin 5 ranked matches total.

NBA 2K12HamiltonThe Hamilton achievement in NBA 2K12 worth 70 pointsWin 10 ranked matches total.

NBA 2K12The Sum of Its PartsThe The Sum of Its Parts achievement in NBA 2K12 worth 36 pointsPlay a Team Up Game.

NBA 2K12It's Better to GiveThe It's Better to Give achievement in NBA 2K12 worth 38 pointsShare any file type through 2K Share.

Any player who is missing one or more of the above will also not be able to get The Whole Shebang achievement. Those who have already obtained all of the online achievements will still be able to unlock this achievement without any bother.

If there are any more affected achievements that we've missed, post a comment in the thread below and we'll be sure to update this post.

Thanks to the members of the community who sent this one in!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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