Air Conflicts: Pacific Carrier Dated for Europe

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
PQube is handling the European release of Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, an aerial combat game that provides the gamer with the ability to play as either the American forces or the Japanese during WWII.

Andy Pearson, Marketing Manager at PQube commented,
Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers sets itself apart from the competition in a variety of ways – the most innovative being the ability to control an entire squadron of planes mid-battle. This is an exciting feature which allows you to switch between aircraft mid-air, to utilise in-depth strategies and techniques to outsmart your opponents
With the ability to switch planes during combat, gamers are now not constrained to just flying one plane during any mission. Fly one of the 13 planes through intense bombing runs during the single-player campaigns or take your dog fighting skills online and battle in game modes such as Protect the Carrier, which puts two teams against one another to protect the much desired Carrier.

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carrier will release in Europe on December 7th.