DeathSpank and Shank

By splicegraph, 8 years ago
Two new partnerships were solidified today by Electronic Arts, through its division EA Partners, both with small Vancouver based game development companies, and in doing so EA have picked up their first two digitally distributed titles.

Shank, a 2D hack'n bash-shoot'em up side scroller, from Klei Entertainment (who also developed ) and DeathSpank, a 3D third person RPG action adventure, from Hothead Games (the developer of the Penny Arcade Adventures) and Ron 'Grumpy Gamer' Gilbert (creator of Monkey Island).

Jamil Moledina, outreach director for business development at EA Partners said: "We've been very good at providing products in the $60 range that take hours and hours to complete, and we're very good at the 99-cent iPhone games that provide moments of enjoyment. But we think there's a huge opportunity for this mid-session experience with high production values at an impulse-purchase price. We love to be able to partner with great talent, especially in the digital distribution space. This is something — given that it's more impulse-purchase level cost and a lower budget from your typical $60 title — [where] there's a greater freedom to innovate,"

What does that all mean, you ask?

Well, as Hothead CEO Ian Wilkinson points out, the Penny Arcade Adventures didn't see as many sales as expected, and Jamie Cheng, CEO of Klei Entertainment backs that up saying that, "one of the biggest challenges faced by a small studio is to get word out that your company's game exists. Marketing costs money and takes time, two luxuries not afforded small companies."

So hopefully, with EA Partners putting as much marketing muscle behind promotion of these smaller games as they have with other partner titles such as Brutal Legend, and The Beatles: Rock Band the little guys can keep on doing what they do best. Make fun and creative new products.

No release date has been officially announced, but both DeathSpank and Shank will be available via XBLA in the near future.

DeathSpank HD trailer:

Shank HD trailer: