Gears of War: Judgment Prepares to Deploy Baird

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
Damon Baird. The COG soldier many of us will love to hate, but hate the fact that this man has always been just as valuable a member of the Delta squad as anyone else has been. In the world of Sera, where the world is ravaged by locust and the population severely reduced by millions, men like Baird are hard to find. He annoys the life out of the rest of the squad (besides maybe Cole), he's cocky as hell, but he is the guy to turn to when it comes to all things electronic and mechanical.

Epic Games' upcoming prequel Gears of War: Judgment will be taking us back in time before the events of Gears of War. With Baird being the centre of the show rolling with Cole and a few other characters you'll spot in this newly released concept art, will he still be the same kind of guy we all know him to be like now? If you take a look at this piece of art, you'll see that Baird looks a lot younger and fresher. One thing you can tell hasn't changed for certain, is that Baird is still ready to send Locust back to the low-down hell they came from:

Concept Art

He's certainly lost that head full of thick, gorgeous hair over the years!

Gears of War: Judgment is all set to emerge on March 19th, 2013.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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