Persona 4: Arena Delayed for Europe

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
Fans in Europe have been waiting patiently for the release of Persona 4: Arena, and eventhough the proper builds have made their way to both Japan and North America, the future looks bleak for those in Europe.

PerNovember 6th

According to an FAQ on the Persona 4: Arena Europe Facebook, the European build hasn't even made its way to Microsoft for the final stages of testing.

Below are a few pieces of information take directly from the FAQ:

What’s happening with P4A in Europe?
We are waiting for confirmation as to when the EU version will be complete. Once we take delivery of the EU build - we can project what the likely release date will be. It’s at this point we will update everyone.

Unfortunately, as we are not directly involved with the development of the game, we do not have any further information about its progress - or when the EU build will be complete. When we do have that information, it will be passed on to you.

What needs to be changed?
For all EU games, there are a number of changes that need to be done to bring it in line with the regulations laid out by Sony and Microsoft in Europe. These regulations are to ensure the game will work correctly in each individual PAL territory, from individual EU countries to Australia and UK.

It is at this point in the process, that the game has been delayed.

What will happen when you get the EU version?
Once we have received the EU master – our job, as publisher, is to submit that build to Sony and Microsoft for final testing and approval. Once it has been approved, we can manufacture and package the game, and ship it for release.

Once this has happened, we will announce a specific day and date that this game will hit store shelves.
Okay folks, what is certain is that the European game will miss a 2012 release. As you can see Persona 4: Arena does not have an official release date or even a speculative release date, and once the official confirmation becomes available we will be sure to let you know.