Toy Soldiers - XBLA and Facebook Connectivity!

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
For the first, but probably not the last time, Facebook and Xbox LIVE have overlapped. Signal Games unique WW1 tower defense title Toy Soldiers, released this past Wednesday over LIVE, has a counterpart app available over Facebook. Titled Match Defense: Toy Soldiers, this game is a variant of the classic Bejwewled/Puzzle Quest formula that has a direct influence over the war waging across Xbox LIVE.

From the Facebook app, you can see scores being posted in Toy Soldiers and if you are active in both games, you will receive an undisclosed "buff" for the Arcade version in the coming weeks.

Straight from the Match Defense: Toy Soldiers feed of Signal Games:

It will be active in the next few weeks (possibly sooner than later). It will be a simple opt-in you can click here on Facebook.

The plan is this: scores from both games count toward the current war. If you associate your Facebook ID to your LIVE account, you will get a special multiplier added to your war contribution and you will unite your efforts in both games.

So, players with both games will have extra influence in the outcome of the war.

You'll choose sides like you do now here on FB. That will funnel your XBLA scores to your chosen side, no matter which side you play in a LIVE game.

Seeing your influence will probably stay pretty simple: If you click the word "War" at the top of your Friends list, you can see your total contribution during each Great War vs. your Friends (same as now).

We're kicking around other ways that let people show off their score, but nothing definite yet. We'll keep you posted!
You can check out Match Defense: Toy Soldiers here:!/matchdefense?v...