GTASC 2013 Sign-Ups Now Open

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
It was around this time last year that we alerted you that sign-ups were open for the second iteration of the Great True Achievement Score Challenge. Nearly a whole year has passed, and the contest still rages on, with the top-10 teams remaining to vie for the title of 'winner'. In case you're curious, you can still check out who is involved here and watch the craziness that is 20,000+ TA score eliminations unfold.

Of course, there's no way we could wait until it was all over to get the ball rolling on GTASC 2013, so here's the official "Get your team together and register now!" post.

One thing to note right off the top is many more people will be able to participate this time around. The contest will now feature three tiers, the details of which are laid out below. For anyone who doesn't land in one of the tiers, there is a "B-side" option that will still allow you to participate, just not for the prize pool.

Also, in order to continue our recent trend of offering one-stop sources of information for TA happenings, we've created a hub for all things Great True Achievement Score Challenge-related.

As you may have guessed, there's a lot of information about the contest you'll want to know, so here's contest organizer planting42 with the details:

The third annual (2013) GTASC will be structured a bit differently. During the 2012 contest there were quite a few teams that couldn't compete due to either being over or under the limits we put on team score totals. In an effort to be more inclusive we've decided to split the contest in to three tiers. These three tiers will not only be competing against their own tier, but also against the other tiers.

Beginner Tier - This tier is aimed at people new to competitions and/or the GTASC. The top 3 teams in this tier will be invited to join the following years competition (subject to terms & conditions).
Main Tier - This is, as the title suggests, the main contest. This tier will contain the majority of the prizes and is aimed at amateur/semi professional gamers.
Pro Tier - This tier is designed for the elite on TrueAchievements to battle it out and will mainly be filled with professional gamers with multi-region boxes and more games than us mere mortals could every hope to own!

I can't make nice tables, but a table with the info regarding the construction of each team can be found here.

Prerequisites for entry;

- Each Gamertag must have a full TA account. Any gamertags with a non-stat or gamerscore only account on TA will be denied entry.
- Each Gamertag must be registered on
- We would like each team to submit a video or short bio describing them. Be creative, express yourself. This is intended as a community event, it's nice to know who we're playing with. Although this is not required, a number of teams (4 from each tier) will be given automatic entry based their bio/video. These team will be chosen by the contest organizers.
- Each team should elect a team captain. This person will be the team contact throughout the contest and will be the one to receive the team's invite to the following year's competition should they be eligible.

Each tier will be populated with 100 teams. Any team that is eligible to compete but was not drawn for the main contest can elect to play along by joining the B-Side board. This year the B-Side will take a much larger role. Besides containing any team in excess of the individual tier limits, this board will also populate with teams that have been eliminated from their respective tiers as well as any teams that are DQ'd.

Prizes are only being provided (by the host of the contest) for the Main Tier. However, community donations can be made for any tier and are graciously appreciated by the hosts and those that will ultimately benefit from them.

Registration is open now and will be open until December 22 at midnight GMT (7PM US Eastern on the 21st)

For info on how to participate see:
There you have it folks. I know I have a team set already, what about you guys? Feel free to use the thread below to get teams together or take to your friends feeds to recruit some gamers! Once again, remember you can keep up with all the pertinent information for GTASC 2013 by checking out the hub right here at TA!
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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