Microsoft Unveils Two Kinect XBLA Titles

By Rebecca Smith,
At the start of this month, Microsoft accidentally unveiled a new Kinect-required XBLA title called Kinect Sports Gems: Ski Race via a placeholder page on As soon as the page appeared, they realised their mistake and took it back down again, but not before we had noticed the game's existence. Today, that placeholder page has reappeared on alongside a placeholder for another title with similar characteristics.

Skiing was a sport that proved popular in and even spawned a DLC pack. Rare has now developed the ski racing as a separate title that will release with ten achievements worth just 50G.

Jump into a fantastic new way to enjoy your favourite sports! Fast-track the fun in solo or multiplayer, tackle micro goals and win badges in the all-new mission structure, grin for the camera and stamp your pics on the high score wall. So much to experience – at a fraction of the cost of real-life lessons!
7/11/12 Screenshot 1

7/11/12 Screenshot 2

7/11/12 Screenshot 3

7/11/12 Screenshot 4

7/11/12 Screenshot 5

Following the reveal of Ski Race, Microsoft has also put up a placeholder page for Darts Vs Zombies. The mini game was added to Kinect Sports: Season Two in the free "Challenge Pack 2" DLC but will be available in the future as a separate game.

7/11/12 Darts vs Zombies 1

7/11/12 Darts vs Zombies 2

7/11/12 Darts vs Zombies 3

7/11/12 Darts vs Zombies 4

7/11/12 Darts vs Zombies 5

Those with keen eyes will have realised that a third title appeared in the above screenshots. We don't have any more information on 3 Point Contest, but the game is likely to be based on one of the mini games from the "Basketball Challenge Pack" DLC.

Official word on these games is yet to be revealed, but the likelihood is that we may soon be getting a hub similar to Kinect Fun Labs, only this time the emphasis is on sports mini games. We'll bring you more information as we get it!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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