New Screenshots For Vanquish

By Smurf McGurf, 8 years ago
Platinum Game's new sci-fi shooter Vanquish is really beginning to earn my undivided attention. Platinum Games has given a short synopsis of what Vanquish's main storyline is going to revolve around, which can be seen here:

In a near-future world where Russia and the United States vie for ownership of the world’s fast-depleting energy resources, the US has constructed a space station in order to harness energy from the sun. Russian forces capture this space station and divert its harvested solar energy into a blast wave that destroys San Francisco, aiming to force the US into a total and unconditional surrender. In response, the US tasks its armed forces with recapturing the space station before the Russians can annihilate their next target – New York.
Sounds interesting. The hypothetical situation of "What if the Cold War heated up again?" If done correctly, this game could really have an enthralling storyline.

Now, I bet you're wanting to see what the game looks like. You can check out the new screenshots here:

Vanquish is the first game made by Shinji Mikami with Platinum Games. Who is Shinji Mikami you may be asking? Mikami is a Japanese game designer who is mostly known as the creator of Resident Evil. Also, he has had his hands in many other popular games, such as Viewtiful Joe, Devil May Cry, and Killer 7. Mikami certainly has his own style, and in these few screenshots you can see it coming through. This game looks very interesting. Can't wait to see more on it.

Let me just nerd out for one second here. Is it just me or does the armor look like if Master Chief had a baby with one of the Angelos from Devil May Cry 4? That is just too awesome for words in my book. smile

Vanquish is set to be released in the Winter of 2010 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.