Kung Fu Superstar Controls Some Gameplay

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
Back when the birds were chirpping and the rains were turning into early Summer's eve, we announced that Kinesthetic Games was putting you in the shoes of a hero named Danny Cheng with their kickstarter title, Kung Fu Superstar.

Although it has been a few months since the title first came to light, Lead Developer Kostas Zarifis, wanted to let awaiting gamers know that even with a few hiccups along the way the project is still moving forward:

Our Kickstarter didn’t launch with the flying start we were hoping for. Feedback from our supporters suggests we haven’t clearly conveyed how you play Kung Fu Superstar creating some confusion. The problem with trying to summarise a project as multifaceted as Kung Fu Superstar in a short pitch video, is that you don’t have the time to focus on individual aspects as much as you’d like. Also when you’re trying to innovate as radically as we are, some confusion and some questions are inevitable: Will the motion control gameplay be fast and accurate? What will it be like? And what do you mean it’s not a Kinect game?

A gameplay demo is a million words though as I like to say, so we think our first update will not only put all these questions to rest, but it will also clearly demonstrate the paradigm shift we are attempting to cause with our innovative approach to controls. We’ve been saying characteristically, Kung Fu Superstar is not a Kinect game in the same way a driving game is not a steering-wheel-peripheral game” and I think after watching this demo everyone will know exactly what we mean
In the video below, Kostas Zarifis addresses how Kung Fu Superstar will work in conjunction with the controls of the Kinect and the affect it will have on the gameplay.

A release date for this full-body kung fu extravaganza has yet to be announced. We will be sure to keep all of you aspiring Jackie Chan's, Sonny Chiba's, and Chuck Norris' up to date for all the information surrounding Kung Fu Superstar and its kickstarter program.