Manhattan Videos and Screens Released for Crysis 3

By Keith Gray, 6 years ago
Over the last few months Crytek has focused on the multiplayer aspects of upcoming action-shooter, Crysis 3, with the Gamescom reveal, then some screenshots followed closely by two trailers.

Two more videos have been released today. The first piece of footage shows Crysis 3's Manhattan as an urban-jungle crossover environment some 20 years on from the events of The main protagonist from the second iteration, Psycho, is seen teaming up with Prophet after rescuing him. Things are a little trickier since Psycho has been stripped of his Nanosuit. This video has Psycho explaining the current situation and relevant sections of the title's storyline as all hell breaks loose around him.

In addition, a second video has been released. This trailer appears to be practically identical, at least from a visual standpoint. However, rather than Psycho providing an overview of the game, Crytek Producer, Mike Reid provides commentary from a development perspective.

Crytek has also released a trio of screenshots to accompany the video footage. The first two images certainly take inspiration from the outdoor environments that have been showcased in the above trailers. Meanwhile, the look in Psycho's eyes in the final screenshot appears to live up to his nickname!

Crysis 3_TheFields1

Crysis 3_TheFields2

Crysis 3_TheFields3

Crysis 3 remains on target to hit its planned release window of February 2013 in North America and Europe. Several pre-order incentives are available and the options can be found here.
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