Permanent XBL Reductions for November [UPDATE]

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Edit: Since the publication of this article, one more XBLA game has been added to the list:

Hole in the Wall - 800 MSP 400 MSP

Original Story:

November is the month when Microsoft celebrates the tenth anniversary of its Xbox LIVE service. With that at the front of everyone's conscience and Black Friday looming in the near future, the permanent reductions for this month seem to have taken a back seat. There's no need to panic, they haven't been forgotten entirely, but there isn't much for the taking either. When I say "there isn't much", I mean that there's one XBLA game to receive a permanent price drop:

Doom II: Hell on Earth - 800 MSP 400 MSP

As usual, the list also includes select Games on Demand titles. These will vary per region, so check your local Xbox dashboard for the full list.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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