Fallout: New Vegas Screenshots Emerge

By Saint Devourer, 8 years ago
New screenshots from Obsidian Entertainment's new installment of the Fallout series showed up on various gaming publications. The screenshots show that the game will in fact use the Fallout 3 engine that we are familar with. They also show the return of super mutants, ghouls, and show a radial companion command menu, taking use of the game's new party system. Along with the screenshots, Obsidian released a few details regarding the game:

* An optional Hard Core mode will be available. If you choose to play on this difficulty setting the character will suffer from dehydration, the ammo will have weight and the stimpacks won’t heal you instantly anymore.

* A weapon modification system has been implemented in the game which will allow players to increase damage, ammo capacity, accuracy and rate of fire among other details.

* The game will now allow parties of two or three members.

* Weapons have unique/individual qualities. Some cause critical hits to the head, others will damage your limbs severely.

* Death animations vary depending which weapon you are using.

* Different gangs and villages might evolve during the gameplay while you are not watching.

* J.E. Sawyer: “The Karma system is mostly the same as in Fallout 3, but checked less often. Mostly we rely on reputation, because that’s what people know. Karma is just a general indicator of how much of a sonofabitch you are. If you murder people in secret, your reputation doesn’t go down because no on knows you did anything, so you can maintain a good reputation but your karma has tanked really heavily. Karma does influence some things, but reputation is usually what most people in the world base their opinions of you on.“

* Chris Avellone: “It’s a very amusing location design-wise. Vegas is like a whole city-wide amusement park. We can play on different themes, different styles. It’s fun for the artists, it’s fun for the designers… I don’t know how much fun it’s going to be for the programmers“
Fallout: New Vegas is scheduled for a release date of Fall 2010.