TA Celebrates 500 Published Walkthroughs

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
Those of you who are the real old-schoolers around these parts will likely remember that TrueAchievements didn't always have all the functionality it does now. Sure, the TA score always existed, but news? Not so much. Friends feeds as you know them now? Nope (yay collapsible comments, right?). Blogs? Yeah, those weren't available either.

One of the many elements of the site that has grown and flourished in recent times is Walkthroughs, and recently, the walkthrough team passed a big milestone - 500 published guides! To this end, we're turning the front page over to Walkthrough Team co-managers, drabik and Ergo Me Smart, to speak a little on the milestone and how you in the community at large can continue to assist us in bringing the most comprehensive Xbox 360 content to the web.

Howdy all!

It’s drabik and Ergo Me Smart here, the co-managers of the Walkthrough Team here on TrueAchievements.

Three months ago the two of us replaced the previous manager; Tasty Pastry, who did a fantastic job. Tasty Pastry served as manager since walkthroughs were announced, and he and his ever-growing team (of which we were both a part of) helped to publish over 450 walkthroughs for TrueAchievements.

Jump forward to today, and with the publication of the the Infernal: Hell’s Vengeance walkthrough created by N18p73pwn3r, we’ve hit 500 published walkthroughs! Of course we don’t have any plans to stop at this amazing milestone and are on course to have 25% of the games on the site with walkthroughs by the end of the year. Furthermore, we’ve managed to make sure some of the year’s biggest releases already have walkthroughs, including the likes of http://www.trueachievements.com/halo-4-walkthrough.htm and http://www.trueachievements.com/need-for-speed-most-wan....htm, with others, such as Assassin's Creed III, well on the way.

Want to join our ever-growing Army of 100+ walkthrough writers? No problem! Applying to write a walkthrough is nice and simple. Look through the list of published and in-progress walkthroughs that can be found here, and if you find that the game you want to write the walkthrough for isn’t on here, apply to write it in the Volunteer to write a walkthrough thread.

Even if the game has a walkthrough published or in-progress, that doesn’t mean you can’t help with the wiki-style of this site’s walkthroughs. If you think a published walkthrough can be improved or you want to help finish off an in-progress walkthrough, just leave a message in the thread for that walkthrough, all of which can be found in the Walkthroughs Forum, and we’ll try and get you helping on that walkthrough.

Again, a big well done to the 100+ walkthrough writers who have helped us get to this point and to the Walkthrough Team, who have made sure that all of the walkthroughs try and meet the standards that we on TrueAchievements expect. Here’s to 500 more! toast

drabik and Ergo Me Smart
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
Michelle is the Assistant Manager of the Newshounds at TrueAchievements and has been a member of staff since 2010. When not contributing to gaming websites, she makes her living as a mild-mannered librarian. She can be compelled to play just about anything if there's a co-op component, and has been playing games with friends and siblings since the Atari 2600. As it's reportedly healthy to have hobbies outside of gaming, she also roots for some of the most difficult sporting franchises to root for, the New York Mets and New York Jets, but offsets that by rooting for the New Jersey Devils. She's also seen pretty much none of the movies you have, but she's working on that.