A Host of New Features

By Rich Stone, 8 years ago
A resonably large update this week, with quite a few new features:

Achievement TA Score Changes

On each Achievement panel you will now see a number that represents the recent change in TA Score for that achievement.

It looks at the largest change over the last 1 day, 2 days, 1 week and 2 weeks and displays that value. Hovering over the number will give you more detail, and clicking it will take you through the TA Score change graph for that achievement.

Stats Page modifications

As requested, I have added an additional tab for "best days". This shows your best days for winning achievements, TA score and gamerscore.

Offline achievements don't count, and the Achievement TA Scores are as they are now rather than at the time they were won (it would be incredibly slow to do this). Clicking on the day will take you through to view the particular achievements you won on that day.

I've also added your friends list to the stats page, and clicking on any of your friends will show you the exact same stats tab for their data.

My Achievements

I have added all of the new achievement flag types to the filter on the My Achievements page. I have also linked this page from every gamer page where it says "gamer x has won y achievements".

Send TA Invites

You can now send customized TA invites to your friends. These will have an embedded link that will automatically add you as their referrer when they sign up. You can find this from the Useful Links menu.

PM blocking

You can now block users from being able to send you a private message (note: you cannot block mods or admins). To do this, simply go to one of their messages in your inbox and click the new Block Gamer button in the header. You can unblock them in teh same way.

Recent votes on Solutions

On your Solution List is a new column (Wk +/i) - this shows any votes on those solutions in the last week.

Welcome Banner

In order to give a bit more information to potential new gamers, we have created some welcome banners. If you log out and go to either the homepage or an achievement page you can see this banner in action! It consists of 5 rotating slides that give some examples of what we can offer here at TA.

Special thanks to http://www.trueachievements.com/lozzy7.htm for his help with this one!

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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