Happy Wars Friday Update Brings a New Map

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Developer ToyLogic is still working with Microsoft to try and fix the server issues that some people are still experiencing while playing Happy Wars. Over the weekend they will be testing out the networking for the game. For some players this will improve their online play, some won't notice any difference and for some it may make the experience temporarily worse. The aim of the testing is to identify the matchmaking issues and address the lag that has affected the game since its release.

The help of the community is very much appreciated when testing these things, and Microsoft are looking for feedback from anybody who experiences issues. They would like players to answer the following questions and send those answers to PlayXBLA@microsoft.com.

> What time were you playing?

> What region are you in?

> Where did you experience issues? Quick Play or Co-Op?

> And if you’d like to offer extra help, take a quick video on your phone or camera or even take a picture if you see an error message

> Any other specifics you might think we need to know!
To sweeten the deal, the latest update brought a new map for players. The Zodiac map provides a battleground across a series of floating islands, set across a night-time backdrop.

17/11/12 Zodiac Map

To be able to play the new map, make sure that you have ticked it within the Stage Select menu.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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