Battlefield 3 Exclusive Aftermath Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
Matt and the gorgeous Sion from PWNED, EA's gaming talk show, have managed to get a delicious inside-scoop of details on DICE's upcoming expansion for their extremely popular first-person shooter, Battlefield 3. "Aftermath" has already been smothered, covered, and detailed previously when the premier trailer was released. We know that the setting of this DLC pack is based on one of the earlier missions of the campaign where an earthquake sends part of the city into destructive and deadly chaos. Thanks to an interview with DICE's Niklas Fegraeus, more footage and details have now ben revealed for the upcoming "Aftermath" DLC.

Niklas goes into details regarding all four maps included in the pack. Markaz Monolith is set in a devastated financial district. A huge building, which has managed to survive the worst the earthquake has dished out, offers some intense vertical action in the centre of this map. Seeing even more damage from the earthquake is Epicentre, another part of the city that contains plenty of wide-open roads and a very dangerous crossroad.

Heading more towards the outside of the city, Talah Market mixes up the buildings and structures with a mix of old and new architecture. Last, but certainly not least, Azadi Palace provides more battling outdoors with plenty more destroyed landscape, and also a parliament building in which players can take the fight up close and personal to their opponents. Check out the video and enjoy!

Looks like we'll still have to be very patient for any Battlefield 4 news if Sian couldn't even get anything out of Niklas!

Battlefield 3's "Aftermath" DLC expansion will be shattering the grounds for Premium members on December 4th for free. Those who don't own a Premium membership can take part in the upcoming destroyed glory on December 18th for a price tag of 1200 MSP.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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