Sacred Citadel Screens and Co-Op Details

By SgtDigglesworth, 6 years ago
An intregal part of most gaming memories comes from a well-told story, epic combat, and some friendly, yet persuasive battle mates that can surely kick some booty; welcome into the fray, Sacred Citadel.

sc November.22nd

Here is an excerpt from the story you will expect when tackiling the forbidden land in Sacred Citadel:

While passing through the dense Monolith Forest, the three heroes are attacked by a horde of Grimmocs lying in wait. The Safiri Warrior rushes to the front, keeping the opponents at bay with his powerful swings, stringing his attacks together to create powerful combo chains. The Ancarian Ranger warily moves to the back of the combat area and disappears from sight while unleashing one arrow after the other at the confused Grimmocs. Whenever his companions lose too much of their life energy, the Khukuri Shaman comes to the rescue and restores their health.
Featuring one to three player co-op, locally or online, gamers will unite the Khukuri Shaman, Ancarian Ranger, the Safiri Warrior, and trek throughout the landscape using class specific abilities to thwart all of the surrounding enemies.

sc November.22nd

Let's embrace more of the exciting story driven surroundings with a few words that could remind many of a great D&D DM and a little fuel from Golden Axe:

With a hefty smash of his two-handed warhammer, the Warrior throws the Grimmoc rider out of his saddle on the tusked mount. The Shaman quickly seizes this opportunity and jumps on top of the creature to take the reins and steer it into the middle of the ongoing fray. Rapidly, the Shaman clears the battlefield of all foes using the devastating charging attacks of the bull mount.
You can use your Tusk-Bull mount to ram through an onslaught of foes, and if that isn't your fancy, then jump on one of the games many warmachines.

sc November.22nd

Sacred Citadel does not have a firm release date as of yet, but we can expect it sometime in 2013 to drop on the XBLA Marketplace.