Six More Kinect Sports Gems Revealed

By Rebecca Smith,
Two days ago, the first three games in the new Kinect Sports Gems series were released onto the Marketplace. 3 Point Contest, Darts vs. Zombies and Ski Race are just three of the ten titles that will eventually make up the complete collection.

22/11/12 Logo

The bite-sized apps aim to give players a taste of the sports that can be found in Kinect Sports or Players can step into the game and take on more than 30 missions for each sport. Each title has a photo leaderboard and, more importantly, ten achievements worth 50G.

Microsoft has revealed the next six titles that will be released. The following three are due to be released on December 25th:

Reaction Rally
22/11/12 Reaction Rally

This title appears to be based on the mini-game "Red Rally, Yellow Rally" from Kinect Sports: Season Two. With a red racket in one hand and a yellow racket in the other, players faced a growing number of red and yellow balls that could only be returned by the racket of the corresponding colour.

22/11/12 Reaction Rally Screenshot

Field Goal Contest
22/11/12 Field Goal Contest

This title appears to be based on the mini-game "Crazy Kicker" from Kinect Sports: Season Two. Players had three lives and had to perform kicks from a variety of distances and angles. The quicker the kick was taken, the higher the score if successful. A miss meant the loss of a life, but players had the chance to regain lives by performing kicks from a much larger distance.

Prize Driver
22/11/12 Prize Driver

This title will be based on the mini-game of the same name, "Prize Driver", from Kinect Sports: Season Two. Over a time period of 60 seconds, players stood in front of a prize conveyor belt as an array of items passed with red or green price tags. The prizes with the green price tags had to be struck towards a golden star out in the distance and the value was then added to the player's tally if the drive was successful. Those with red price tags had to be avoided at all costs, otherwise the value was deducted from the player's total.

The next three titles are all due to be released on March 5th, 2013:

Ping Pong
22/11/12 Ping Pong

This title is likely to be based on the mini-game "Rally Tally" from Kinect Sports. Against an AI opponent, players had to try and maintain a rally for as long as possible.

Penalty Saver
22/11/12 Penalty Saver

This title is likely to be based on the mini-game "Super Saver" from Kinect Sports. Taking on the role of the goalkeeper, players were faced with a stream of penalty kicks from an Ai opponent, with the aim being to keep them out of the net.

10 Frame Bowling
22/11/12 10 Frame Bowling

This title is likely to be based on the mini-game "Pin Rush" from Kinect Sports. Players had 60 seconds to knock down as many pins as they could, with the option to throw two balls at once if necessary.

With the release of these six confirmed, that leaves one more title to be announced. As the series logo suggests, that title will be a boxing game. Although we can't provide any more details on the game content, the title will be released on April 3rd, 2013. All of them will be priced at 240 MSP.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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