Iron Sky: Invasion Launch Trailer

By Chewie,
To celebrate the launch of their B-movie tie-in, Iron Sky: Invasion, the game's creators Reality Pump and TopWare Interactive have released a new cinematic trailer showing some of the space-based carnage to expect from the game.

Normally, after furnishing you with a launch trailer for a game, we'd then tell you when the game actually launches. However, it has become a little unclear exactly when Iron Sky: Invasion will be launching its space Nazis at you. Last month, we brought you the news that it would be arriving on November 22nd. However, unless my calendar is wrong, that date has now passed and the game is yet to appear. The latest intel suggests a November 30th launch, but we don't have anything solid to back that up yet. I blame those shady space Nazis. Keep your eyes on TA as we unearth more information.

We've got the full list of Iron Sky: Invasion achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Written by Chewie
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