NCAA Football Will Receive Mostly Graphical Update

By Smeds, 8 years ago
EA Sports recently announced that NCAA Football '11 will be much like NCAA Football '10, but with the visual representations of the teams being more accurate. The company released the first screenshots, and the overall look of the game is noticeably crisp, more so than NCAA Football '10. These visuals will come in handy when the user takes on the task of building their own players. You are now allowed to change your sleeve length, and you can even change the accessories like knee braces and armbands. EA has been taking notes, because now you can throw player’s numbers on to their helmets, which helps make teams look more authentic on the field.

The designing of players wasn’t the only fix from EA. They’ve taken the liberty of forcing referees to jump out of the way to avoid being tackled by a rogue wide receiver. And now, if you take your team out of their original conference, the conference logo on the field will change with them.

Don’t care about the looks of your game? EA didn’t just update the looks, they have updated the game play as well. Gang tackling has been worked with, and it now feels more realistic (as realistic as getting dog piled by 1000 pounds of linebacker can be). These tackles can be set up with the improved formation substitution. Now players can instantly sub their favorite players into a play via the pause menu, and the plays can be modified at the Dynasty menu to be used throughout a full season.

With all of these updates, it will be hard for passers-by to determine if you're watching the big game or playing a video game. Look for NCAA Football '11 in stores this Fall.