Relive Painful Memories in Max Payne 3

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
Fans of the Max Payne series will have some amazing memories of some of the characters, gun battles and locations from all three games. The main man himself, Max Payne, is filled with horrific and painful memories from his past. Rockstar will be giving fans the chance to reminisce on some of these memories with new upcoming DLC which will feature some old school maps seen in Max Payne, and also the campaign from Max Payne 3, but with slight structural adjustments for multiplayer battling. Four new maps will be making their way to Max Payne 3 with the "Painful Memories" pack, along with a couple of new weapons, new avatars, items and the all new Hangover Burst.

Painful Memories Screens 01

Who can ever forget those first steps off the train into the cold, lonely and dead subway after the harsh events that had unfolded at the start of Max Payne? Well to help refresh your memory, gamers will have the chance to square off against other players on the Roscoe Street Subway map.

Painful Memories Screens 5

Moving forward, but back in time so to speak in Max Payne 3; the Marty's Bar map showcases an intense shootout within the Cathedral where Max and Passos are forced to hold their ground in the campaign. Could we see some pretty intense matches of Payne Killer on this map?

Painful Memories Screens 3

The fighting commences as players struggle to overwhelm powerful hangovers as the smell of sun tan oil, stale margaritas and greed float through the party atmosphere of the Brancos Yacht in Shoot First. If the Yacht trip is not for you, then the location where the Yacht arrives in the campaign of Max Payne 3 serves up as another location to endulge in bullet time, when the gangs go to war at Canal De Panam√°.

Painful Memories Screens 4

Make the opponent's headache worse with the new Hangover Burst. This new burst makes enemies respawn with blurred vision, reduced stamina and health, without the aid of a sunday morning fry-up to make you feel better. The IMG 5.56, and the UAR-21, are the two new upcoming assault rifles to join the armory of Max Payne 3.

The "Painful Memories" pack will be available for download on December 4th for 800 MSP. Rockstar Pass owners will be able to download this upcoming map pack for free.

For anyone who likes the artwork and screens of Max Payne 3, why not check out some of these amazing images and use them as desktop wallpaper or a screensavers.
Ashley Woodcock
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