Monkey Island 2: Remade and Reimagined This Summer

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
After the stunning critical and commercial success of The Secret of Monkey Island last year, it should comes as no surprise that LucasArts is bringing a remake of the sequel, LeChuck's Revenge to the XBLA this summer.

Not content with simply updating the graphics from the look of the early 90's original, LucasArts is including a host of bonus features:

- Re-imagined, hand drawn art style specifically for HD
- Re-mastered orchestral score
- Complete voice over using the original cast
- Scene for scene swapping from special edition mode to classic mode
- Direct control of Guybrush. This can be turned off to retain the original experience.
- In-game audio commentary from the creators
- Art viewer that has both the original and new concept art
- Play the original game with the new character voice overs

No price has been announced but LucasArts has given a release window of "Summer 2010."
Credit for this story goes to Doctor Shawn