Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect Screens

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Back in August we brought you the news that Microsoft Studios and Red Bull Media would be collaborating on a new XBLA party game called Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect. The game will utilise the Kinect to allow you to compete on 5 downhill tracks, battling against players from across the world on leaderboards to become the Ice Cross Downhill World Champion.

A marketplace listing has now emerged for the title, which brings with it a collection of new screens.

27/11/2012 - Screen 4

27/11/2012 - Screen 5

27/11/2012 - Screen 6

27/11/2012 - Screen 7

27/11/2012 - Screen 8

27/11/2012 - Screen 9

27/11/2012 - Screen 10

27/11/2012 - Screen 11

27/11/2012 - Screen 12

27/11/2012 - Screen 13

Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect still doesn't have a firm release date but, seeing as it is a winter sports title, expect it to carve its way onto XBLA sometime near the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013.

[UPDATE - Major Nelson now gives the release date as November 30th and the price as 400 MSP]

Now, who misread the title and now fancies a Red Bull Crushed Ice Jägerbomb?
Written by Chewie
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