Battlefield 3 Aftermath Trailers and Screens

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
The earthquakes are set to send the world of Battlefield 3 into chaos next week, but with a bit of time left before the dedicated soldiers are deployed, DICE have released a couple of new trailers and a set of screens for us to enjoy. Previously, we've taken an in depth look at the Epicentre map, as well as soaked in all of the visuals we could from the PWNED trailer we covered less than a week ago.

Talah Market "plays more like an arena" and is a key map for players to show off their solo-superman skills, or/and how good they can be rolling with a squad. The overview trailer shows off the different structures, flank and choke points, long stretches of alleyways and open areas as the commentator gives us the details on the challenges for DICE when building a map like this.

Unfortunately (for us passionate Xbox 360 players), PS3 players will already be slipping and tripping over broken kerbs and destroyed roads in the "Aftermath" map pack as the DLC is live for them right now. To celebrate, DICE have released a launch trailer which will have to satisfy our Battlefield 3 needs until the pack releases for the Xbox 360. The trailer showcases intense action from all four maps, including highlights from Scavenger Mode, helicopters providing air to ground support, the all-new Crossbow making short work of players, and also the much more heavily equipped soldier transports in action too. Check out the trailer and enjoy:

Last but most certainly not least, we have a couple of new screens which showcase the explosive action to come, as well as how mean players will look with the new, slick, deadly and shiny Crossbow:

27/11/12 Aftermatch DLC - Screen 01

27/11/12 Aftermatch DLC - Screen 2

The "Aftermath" expansion for the freshly patched Battlefield 3 will be available for download on December 4th for Premium members at no additional charge. Non-premium squads can join the fight on December 18th for the price of 1200 MSP.
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