Green Day: Rock Band Release Date and Info

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Lots of big Harmonix news lately, eh?

Today Harmonix confirmed the release date for the upcoming Green Day:Rock Band, set for release simultaneously in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand on June 8th.

Green Day: Rock Band allows players to step onto the stage and into the shoes of Green Day, the multi-platinum, Grammy® Award-winning band that jump-started the punk-pop revival and has continued to pave the way for American rock music into the 21st century. Taking on the likenesses of Green Day members Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool, players progress through the story and history of Green Day, gaining access into the band’s media vault, where they can unlock more than 100 collectible images, and more than 40 minutes of rare and unreleased video from interviews, outtakes and performances.
The game will feature a fully exportable 47 song setlist, of which six have been officially announced: “Brain Stew,” “Jaded,” “Hitchin’ a Ride,” “American Idiot,” “Wake Me Up When September Ends” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams." To export the songs onto your HDD - then playable in Rock Band, Rock Band 2, LEGO Rock Band and the recently announced Rock Band 3 (see here for more info: Rock Band 3 Announced) - will set you back $10 USD, or 800 MSP. For you lucky Americans, if you pre-order the game through GameStop, you’ll get a token that will allow you to export the whole setlist without paying any additional charge.

Also confirmed was that the current Green Day songs available in the will be compatible in GD:RB, "with added vocal harmonies, unique performance visuals, and exclusive archival material" to match the rest of the game's setlist.

No instruments have been announced specifically for the game (though to be fair, their instruments aren't nearly as iconic as those made for The Beatles: Rock Band), but HMX have confirmed that "the game is compatible with all Rock Band instrument controllers, as well as most Guitar Hero and other third-party music video game peripherals and microphones." Just like every other RB game then, as you can see here:

Finally, pricing structure has also been confirmed, with the game coming in two formats. The standalone game is set for a standard $59.99 USD (no other prices announced, but the educated guess would assume that the game will be the standard price for a new release in every country). Also available will be a Green Day: Rock Band Plus edition, exclusively for the USA and Canada, which will retail at $69.99, and include special packaging, free export and six Green Day DLC tracks ($22 total value).

The bad news? The game has been rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB. Now, to put my speculation hat on, while this isn't terrible news, it is the same rating that previous Rock Band games have received, in which swearing and expletives are omitted in the vocals, and content censored for a family audience. To be clear, there's no official word on this yet, but my hat and I both agree that this probably means that the lyrics in GD:RB will be censored, and for a band like Green Day that's quite a sizeable chunk of their catalogue that will have lyrics cut out. That isn't a definite though, as the ESRB do say that Teen ratings can include "infrequent use of strong language," but I wouldn't hold your breath.