Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Map Pack 2 Announced

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Those cheeky guys over at DICE have announced that an upcoming release date for the VIP Map Pack 2 in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, while making a joke about the recent MW2 DLC announcement (which, if you're interested, you can read about here: MW2 DLC Arrives March 30th).

Acknowledging the online issues plaguing the game, DICE said:
While the core of the dev team here at DICE as well as all the back-end teams at EA are 110% focused on stabilizing the game experience we do have some other, great news to reveal. Today we’re happy to announce the release date of the second VIP map package for Battlefield: Bad Company 2! It will be made available on the 30th of March on all platforms at no extra cost to all of you who’ve got your VIP codes entered in the game.
The VIP codes were (and still are) available with new copies of the game, sealed in with the game, and, alongside the similar Cerberus Network in Mass Effect 2, are part of EA's initiative to combat used game sales.

The VIP Map Pack 2 contains the following:
Arica Harbor Conquest mode - US Command launches a break through action directly at the Russian base. Collateral damage is of no consequence. Capture and secure tactical positions in Conquest Mode across the vast Arica Harbor map.

Laguna Presa Rush mode - The valley and surrounding mountains possess a strategic value in the battle for South America, and an infantry assault supported by light armor vehicles is likely by both armies as US forces defend the nearby Dam.
DICE also confirmed that "there will be future paid downloadable content as well but these packs will focus on expanding other parts of the game experience rather than the selection of maps available for the basic game modes. We’re dedicated to taking care of this product for a long time – helping you avoid “mapathy” without getting nickel-and-dimed."

All in good jest, obviously, and I commend DICE for having a sense of humour about this. Though releasing a free map pack on the exact same date that a competing game's map pack is hitting the Marketplace? What do you reckon: clever marketing strategy, or petty oneupmanship?