More Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Details

By zigs00, 8 years ago
At GDC this week, developer Crystal Dynamics (the brains behind Tomb Raider: Legend, Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Underworld) announced more details about their upcoming title Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

The game has been confirmed as an XBLA title, set for release this Summer. It has also been confirmed that it will offer co-op, with the story seeing Ms. Croft teaming up with Mayan warrior Totec as they hunt for the the ancient Mirror of Smoke artefact, which contains have an evil spirit named Xolotl. No prizes for guessing who the boss is going to be.

Also confirmed was a price and a rough time-length estimate, seeing the game release for 1200 MSP and offering approximately six hours of co-operative action and puzzle-solving. The game will also be a departure in its visuals, now playing as a top-down (the camera, not Lara's, perv) platformer for the first time in the series' 14-year history.

Guardian of Light will retain the puzzle and action elements that have made the Tomb Raider franchise so successful, adding cooperative platforming, forcing the two players to work together and utilise each character's skills to advance through the game. For example, Totec can throw a spear at a wall, creating an improvised platform for Lara to use; and likewise Lara can use her grappling hook to create improvised tightropes and abseiling ropes for Totec.

The game will also offer a single player campaign for those inclined, with the game thankfully offering no AI partner - humans only!

There has been a handful of screenshots released for the game, which you can see for yourself via the External Link below.